How COVID-19 Changed The Way We Work

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When it comes to taxes and bookkeeping, you want to make sure that you are working with someone who has been handling the process for some time and knows what they are doing. We have been working with our clients, and while we can find ways to assist them, we also work on teaching them how they could handle their books so that they would find it easier to get through the process.

The tax season was quite challenging to get through, and we could use the help of our clients to have their accounts in order so we can assist with filing. Some rules vary based on the industry they are applying for, and we would teach them how they would be able to get through those. We would also tell them about the various deductibles that they can use when they are getting through.

We were always unsure about the changes taking place, but we adapted to them. If we had to predict the changes that would take place in less than a year from now, we are going back to reality as soon as possible. We will still offer drop-offs for paperwork. However, we asked clients to utilize our client portal, Canopy, when possible. We found that working on a virtual platform was safer, reduced the spread of the virus, and kept everyone in check. When it comes to the work that we handle, it reduced the number of meetings that we were getting through, and we did not have to worry about the rest. 

We have been working hard at making sure we adapted to the changes, but some of them were challenging to get through. We have had to partially close due to exposure to COVID-19, which caused us to once again re-evaluate how we will move forward in the future. 

When it came to the clients we work with, we changed how we communicated with everyone. We were now asking clients to refrain from in-office visits as much as possible. We still strive to bring you quality services while some staff work virtually. We would handle as many phone calls as needed and had someone or the other to help with their questions. However, when it comes to our staff, we offer them the option to both, work remotely or from the office.

From our clients’ point of view, there are several challenges when working remotely. Our number one challenge is technology, it often hinders communication with those working from home. We had a lot of our slightly older clients, and they could not adapt to technology the way we would have liked, and that took them some time to get through processes.

For those meeting us at the office, we ask clients to keep their numbers to a minimum as often as possible. If you must come to the office, please limit the number of people accompanying you, which ensures the safety of both our staff and you. We also require people to book appointments so that we are sure to be there because we would not want them to waste a trip. Furthermore, from the start of the pandemic, we have made sure to disinfect commonly used spaces and after every client wipes down the tables and areas being used. We were working with various teams who would help us clean and make sure that we were keeping everyone safe.

When it comes to the hours that we were putting in, for the most part, we were now putting in more work hours than we were in the past. The pandemic made it challenging for us to maintain a work-life balance, and we were trying to catch up with all the work put on hold through the lockdowns and the curfews.

When coordinating remotely, we are using our client portal, Canopy. We started using this as a result of COVID-19. When it came to switching to virtual, it was a necessary change. It has been working very well for us, and we are not thinking of changing it to anything else and sticking to the same one. There are other changes that we have to get through.

When it comes to meetings, we moved them all virtually and aren’t planning any in-person meetings because it was easier to coordinate without anyone getting sick. Additionally, we were working on online consultations and appointments as well. There were a few exceptions, and we would handle them on a case-to-case basis. Currently, all our meetings are through Google Meet.

We like to participate in virtual public events and business expos because we think they help create awareness about our brand and assist with getting more clients to come onboard. COVID-19, while not the best time, has taught us to take a step back and re-evaluate our practices. As well as implement company-saving policies that are now benefiting our clients tremendously.

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We are still open and conducting business as much as possible from the office.

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